The Galway Cello and Other Stories

14 May 2020
“The Galway Cello is an instrument that is intended to have a life, to be played and not simply admired somewhere on a stand” Naomi Berrill, Galway Cello Ambassador.

Here we have a series of three short videos:

In the first video, we follow Naomi as she brings the Galway Cello into three schools in the Galway City and County.

Next we see and hear what happened when Naomi went to meet musicians from all over the world who live here in Galway.

Film makers Bula Bosca followed her and put together these beautiful films.

In the final video, ‘The Skies are Empty’ is a performance piece for the Galway Cello before its live debut – In a time where the woods of Galway, birthplace of the Galway Cello, lie open to silent skies and the world comes to grips with the Covid-19 pandemic, two Irish musicians, Yseult Cooper Stockdale in Cork and Philip Fogarty in Galway collaborate over this newly-made, yet-unplayed instrument. ‘

We gratefully acknowledge MJ Conroy, the sponsors of the Galway Cello and of these activities.