Season Brochures

After extensive research, we are teaming up with iSupply as they are committed to providing eco-friendly printing solutions that meet the highest standards of sustainability. After months of hard work and investment in equipment and processes, iSupply have just become the first certified environmentally sustainable printer in Galway City!

Concert Programmes

You will notice that our concert programmes are now printed on lighter paper than previously done. We have consciously decided not to opt for digital programmes delivered to your phones as we believe this dilutes your experience, We therefore will be giving you printed versions on the most sustainable medium possible.


All our banners are 80% plastic free and we deliberately design them to be reusable.


We have reduced the number of printed newsletters, opting instead to spread our news via an electronic newsletter delivered by email.


We have carefully evaluated our poster runs and have reduced the amount of posters to fewer but more strategic locations.

Office Equipment

Reuse! As we are in the fortunate position of collaborating with fantastic graphic designers and sound and video editors, we recognise that there is no need for us to have the most powerful machines at our fingertips. We have taken the decision to make it our policy to opt for refurbished laptops when it comes to renewing our IT hardware.

Songs of Travel - Slow Travel

Through the Creative Europe project Songs of Travel (SOT), we are on a huge learning curve in terms of sustainability and look forward to sharing our findings with you in the coming year.

We also offer a number of artists the opportunity to travel slow to perform in our concerts.

Anna Lardi CEO and Finghin Collins Artistic Director, Music for Galway, slow travelling to Hamburg via the Eurostar!

Anna and Finghin travelling slow to meet up with the other SOT partners in Hamburg, February 2023.