Midwinter Festival 2020 – What a Success!

Midwinter Festival 2020 – What a Success!

Recognise anyone? 👀
Some fabulous photos of supporters of our Midwinter Festival as well as a few familiar faces!

Our Midwinter Festival BEETHOVEN was an enormous success – and we are so very grateful for those who came and joined in the celebration, as well as our fabulous sponsors MJ Conroy & NUIG who made it all possible.
Our Beethoven weekend was filled back to back with duets, quartets, quintets and septets whom of which performed Beethoven’s famous early works.

Below feature some fantastic behind the scenes shots of the talented musicians who made the weekend the joy it was:
Aisling Casey, oboe | John Finucane, clarinet | Amy Harman, bassoon | Hervé Joulain, horn | Cédric Tigerbhien, piano

Thank you all who came and enjoyed the celebrations as much we did!

What’s more to come for Music for Galway?
Check our full schedule for 2020 right here https://bit.ly/36lt5Ml

With thanks to Galway 2020!