Giovanni Sollima


Giovanni Sollima was born in Palermo into a family of musicians. Still a teenager, he embarked on a brilliant international career of cellist but, at the same time, his creative curiosity led him to explore the field of composition. His unmistakable style is characterized by contaminations between different genres: minimalism, rock, electronic and ethnic music, with echoes of ancient and baroque music. His music has been played by most renowned classical performers. As a soloist, or with different instrumental groups, he performed his compositions all over the world. Remarkable is the cello performance in the Sahara Desert and the one underwater in a sicilian’ gebbia (a tank for irrigation’ water). In 2012 he had been the main creator and the artistic director of the explosive musical ensemble of the “100 Cellos”. Giovanni Sollima plays a cello Francesco Ruggeri (Cremona, 1679). Moreover he uses, in his creations, western and eastern acoustic instruments and electrical and electronic tools, mixed with others of his own invention, such as the aquilarco, and others especially made for him, like the ice-cello that in Winter 2007 he played at 3200 meters above sea level, in an igloo’ theatre built in a glacier of the Dolomites.

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