Alec Brown


Alec Brown is a contemporary cellist living in Limerick, Ireland.  Currently a PhD student at the University of Limerick specializing in Irish traditional music on the cello, he is also deeply rooted in many other genres including; classical, folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and many more.  After studying with cellists such as Dr. Stephen Feldman, Natalie Haas, Rushad Eggleston, Neil Martin and others, Alec has developed a unique contemporary style that spans multiple genres of music.  He has performed extensively throughout Ireland and in parts of Europe with a wide range of bands and artists.

“A fresh take on Irish music which incorporates the cello in a beautifully subtle yet driving way…great tune choices, well-crafted arrangements, and a killer groove.   Alec Brown has it all…pure joy to listen to!” – Natalie Haas


“Alec Brown has approached Celtic rhythmic playing on the cello in a new and dynamic way – incorporating an uplifting and unique style to his music. While surrounded by a group of highly talented musicians, Alec brings his Irish cello stylings to the forefront of the performance, proving yet again, that you can never have enough cello…” – Eric Wright, The Fretless

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