Cello Exhibition

Cellissimo Presents

The Ark’s

Curious Cello

by Jonathan Nangle

Discover an unusual cello you can play without having taken any lessons! A fun new music installation designed for children by composer Jonathan Nangle.

Jonathan has taken the body of an old, broken cello and brought it back to life – but it’s no normal cello anymore! It now has special paint on the outside that not only looks cool but also conducts electricity. This means you will be able to make this colourful cello play lots of new and unexpected sounds using just your hands. Drop in and spend a few minutes trying it out to see what kind of weird and wonderful new cello music you can make!

 For ages 4+

Commissioned by The Ark in association with Spike Alternative Cello Festival 2019

Concept, Programming and Sound Design by Jonathan Nangle

Visual Design and Painting by Callum Knight

Cello Recordings performed by Yseult Cooper-Stockdale


Cello kindly donated by St. Finian’s National School, Finglas